Two Strategies Defense Attorneys Should Implement Today to Avoid Nuclear Verdicts®    

  Plaintiffs’ lawyers are driving skyrocketing damages awards in courts all across the country .  Such Nuclear Verdicts® – jury awards in excess of $10 million or that are disproportionate and irrational given the facts of a case – trigger higher costs for the insurance industry and result in premium increases that are out of

When Non-Economic Damages Pack a Real Economic Wallop

US Dollars Banknotes Macro Closeup Photo. Yellow-Blue Color Grading.

In part two of our conversation with Bob Tyson of Tyson & Mendes about defending against nuclear verdicts, we hone in the root of many high dollar damages awards: non-economic damages…

Insurers: Hire More Trial Lawyers Now

As the pandemic continues to wind down, and with jurors finally starting to return to large metropolitan courthouses across the country, it is becoming increasingly clear that insurance carriers are not ready to handle the impending wave of…

Teach Defense Lawyers How to Humanize Your Insureds

Legal advisor is explaining the offense under the law in the book at office.

Insurance carriers, are you and your defense counsel ready for the “perfect storm” of litigation that is coming once the pandemic is over? Are your teams trained to defend against the increasing wave of nuclear verdicts—jury verdicts of…