About Us

When you must win, we will be there, anywhere.



A lot of cases settle but sometimes, when the stakes are at their highest, you must go to trial and you must win. These are the times you need TM HALO®.

We are some of the best trial lawyers in the country and are focused on winning cases for our clients. Our litigation teams are often parachuted in to try the biggest, thorniest, and toughest cases across the United States for defendant corporations, insurance carriers, and insureds. Our deep expertise across industries gives us an edge to take on the most complex and contentious courtroom battles. We try only a few cases each year – the biggest civil trials in the country.

TM HALO® is an acronym for “Tyson & Mendes High Altitude Low Opening,” and is derived from “HALO,” a high-risk maneuver employed by special military forces. HALO troops parachute into hostile combat zones from extreme altitudes, opening their chutes when they are low to the ground to avoid detection and get the job done. HALO is an extremely risky maneuver for a paratrooper, performed by only the most elite jumpers in the most challenging circumstances.

Similarly, TM HALO® is made up of highly trained trial lawyers, experienced with defending corporations, insurance companies, and insureds in their cases with the highest risk for Nuclear Verdicts®. This innovative firm is the right fit for cases when the financial stakes are high and the margin for legal error is low.

TM HALO® trial attorneys are ready, eager, and prepared to jump into your case at terminal velocity, take on your most critical missions, achieve victory, and stop Nuclear Verdicts®.



These are mega-cases, with multimillions of dollars at stake, which we acknowledge is our clients' money! We believe lawyers should be incentivized to win when the stakes are this high, and not simply be paid for our time. TM HALO® uses a contingency pricing model, sharing risk with our clients and putting our own skin in the game. If we lose, we make nothing, but when we win, we share in your victory. Your risk is our risk.

Additionally, there is an opportunity cost for us in turning down volume insurance assignments to focus on the biggest and highest potential exposure trials. Like the most successful plaintiff lawyers in the country, TM HALO® will intentionally accept only a handful of cases each year. When accepted, a case is the sole focus of our industry­-leading, highly experienced trial lawyers.

For these reasons, TM HALO® does not bill by the hour and our compensation is not calculated based on time spent on your case. Our legal costs are based on the final case outcome versus the last settlement demand, so clients only pay legal fees when we deliver savings to them. With each client and case specifically in mind, we employ legal strategies to achieve successful outcomes that align with client expectations and goals .


Achieving Justice for All through Innovation, Collaboration, and Outstanding Service

Founded in 2002, Tyson & Mendes is a national insurance defense firm most widely recognized for its superior trial skills and track record saving clients millions of dollars each year in the courtroom. The firm is well-known for winning the landmark California Supreme Court case Howell v. Hamilton Meats, which forever changed the State’s litigation landscape by significantly impacting the damages a plaintiff may recover. Robert Tyson, the firm’s Managing Partner, is also the author of the Amazon Best Selling book Nuclear Verdicts®: Defending Justice for All, the first playbook for the defense bar on how to avoid runaway jury verdicts. Click here to learn more about Tyson & Mendes, the firm that continues to change the tide.