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What Can Insurers Do to Prevent Nuclear Verdicts®? CLM Digs In

Risk and Insurance – September 21, 2022

Massive awards to plaintiffs for non-monetary damages are increasing in frequency and severity. This CLM seminar aims to equip insurance professionals with the tools to prevent them...

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When Non-Economic Damages Pack a Real Economic Wallop – July 21, 2022

In part two of our conversation with Bob Tyson of Tyson & Mendes about defending against nuclear verdicts, we hone in the root of many high dollar damages awards: non-economic damages...

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What Steps Should Defense Counsel Be Taking To Fend Off Nuclear Verdicts® – July 20, 2022

Tyson & Mendes name partner Bob Tyson says that defense lawyers need to "embrace the awkward" to fight back against the growing number of nuclear verdicts...

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Tyson & Mendes Graduates 25 Attorneys from 2022 Trial Academy: Civil Litigation and Insurance Defense Firm Thoroughly Prepares Attorneys for Trial

SAN DIEGO (July 11, 2022)

Leading civil litigation and insurance defense firm Tyson & Mendes announced the graduation of 25 attorneys from its second annual Tyson & Mendes Trial Academy...

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Defense Attorneys to Help Each Other Fight ‘Nuclear’ Jury Verdicts

Daily Journal – March 21, 2022

A new trial program to teach defense attorneys how to fight excessive or runaway jury verdicts is set for June in San Diego, but plaintiffs' lawyers don't think it is needed...

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Inaugural Nuclear Verdicts Defense Institute Announced: First and Only Trial Academy for Civil Defense Attorneys Set for June 23-26 in San Diego

SAN DIEGO (March 14, 2022)

The inaugural Nuclear Verdicts Defense Institute will take place June 23-26, 2022, in San Diego, led by an esteemed faculty of legal defense experts, including top trial attorneys, a specialist in jury psychology, and a certified faculty...

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Uptick In Third-Party Litigation Financing Concerning Insurers

Law360 – February 9, 2022

The continued rise in insurance litigation and verdict size has the insurance industry searching for the reasons behind the trend, with third-party...

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Shifting Defense Tactics for US Nuclear Verdicts®

Law 360 – December 23, 2021

The soaring costs of Nuclear Verdicts® have reached a point where transportation companies, product makers and other defendants are more likely to accept responsibility early, hoping to sway juries with their own suggestions of damage amounts...

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Attorneys: Defuse Juror Anger, Show Humanity to Defuse Potential Nuclear Verdicts®

Claims Journal – November 4, 2021

William Tisdale made a poor choice by stopping late at night at convenience store and gasoline station in a sketchy neighborhood of Tacoma.

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Costly Collisions: A Small-town Personal Injury Case Sends A Powerful Message to The Trucking Industry

ABA Journal – October 1, 2021

In Gadsden County, Florida, last October, six jurors and an alternate settled in for a long day in front of their home computers and mobile devices to hear a personal injury case...

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