Robert Tyson

As a modern-day poet once said: “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo!”

Robert Tyson

Author of the groundbreaking #1 bestseller, Nuclear Verdicts: Defending Justice for All, Robert Tyson has been trying high profile cases in the West for over 30 years.

Mr. Tyson’s proven methodology for defeating some of the most famous plaintiff lawyers in the country comes from years of trying complex products liability, catastrophic injury and wrongful death, professional malpractice, employment, and other cases. Mr. Tyson is especially known for his groundbreaking defense verdict in Howell v. Hamilton Meats, a case he argued and won before the California Supreme Court, resulting in an estimated savings of $10 BILLION DOLLARS for the insurance industry every year.

Notable Trial Experience:

  • Romero v. Macy’s Inc.: After a two-week federal trial, Mr. Tyson secured a defense verdict in a $10 million child burn injury case. A San Diego jury found children’s clothing manufacturer Schwab Company, Inc. not liable for a minor’s injuries after one of its alleged shirts caught fire while the child was playing with a cigarette lighter. Mr. Tyson represented Schwab against plaintiff’s attorneys John Gomez and Raymond Boucher, who demanded $10 million in damages after additional defendants Macy’s and Ralph Lauren settled for hundreds of thousands of dollars before trial.
  • Jury Awards $26,775 in Possible $34 Million Admitted Liability TBI Trial: Mr. Tyson obtained a jury verdict less than 0.1 percent of plaintiff’s demand at trial. The plaintiffs, a 69-year-old software programmer and his wife, sought approximately $34 million in damages arising out of a rear-end motor vehicle accident that occurred on U.S. Highway 101 in San Rafael, California. After a 21-day trial, the Marin County jury awarded the plaintiff $26,775 in total damages and awarded his wife $0 for her loss of consortium claim.
  • Jury Awards $355,000 For Brain Damage and Multiple Neck Surgeries: Mr. Tyson won a 5-week long jury trial in Ventura County in which plaintiff sought damages for brain damage and two neck surgeries associated with an automobile incident. The plaintiff’s counsel asked the jury to award just under $7 million. Partner Mina Miserlis asked for $362,000. The carrier had offered $1.8 million in a CCP 998 Offer to Compromise and the jury ultimately returned a verdict of just $355,000. After expert fees and expenses were deducted for beating the defense’s CCP 998 Offer, the plaintiff ultimately owed the defendant expert costs and court fees.
  • Dreyer Receives $389,000 Instead of Demanded $6 Million: Mr. Tyson defeated one of the most well-known plaintiff’s attorneys in California, Roger Dreyer of Dreyer Babich. Dreyer sought $6 million in this admitted liability, three-week jury trial in Napa, California. The plaintiff’s counsel asked the jury to award almost $2 million in past and future medical expenses for back and neck surgeries the plaintiff underwent and would need in the future. The lowest settlement demand just before trial was $4 million. The jury returned a verdict of only $389,000, and the plaintiff was found 40 percent at fault.