Mina Miserlis

An accomplished trial attorney, Mina Miserlis specializes in cases involving brain injury and has successfully tried numerous multi-million dollar claims.

Ms. Miserlis brings over 20 years of litigation and trial experience to TM HALO® and leads the firm’s Complex Trial Teams. Ms. Miserlis CONSISTENTLY OBTAINS HIGHLY FAVORABLE DEFENSE VERDICTS in cases involving complicated medical and scientific issues, such as traumatic brain injury, complex regional pain syndrome, quadriplegia, loss of limbs and life.  She is frequently parachuted in shortly before trial, and wins.

Notable Trial Experience:

  • Admitted Liability TBI Trial: Ms. Miserlis obtained a jury verdict of less than 0.1 percent of plaintiff’s demand at trial. The plaintiff, a software programmer and his wife sought approximately $34 million in damages arising out of a rear-end motor vehicle accident. The plaintiff claimed he suffered a traumatic brain injury, among other injuries, which interfered with his ability to invent and develop software. The defendants admitted liability but disputed the cause, extent, and severity of all injuries and damages claimed by the plaintiffs. After a 21-day trial, the jury awarded the plaintiff $26,775 in total damages and awarded his wife $0 for her loss of consortium claim.
  • Jury Awards $355,000 For Brain Damage and Multiple Neck Surgeries: Ms. Miserlis won a 5-week long jury trial in Ventura County in which plaintiff sought damages for brain damage and two neck surgeries associated with an automobile incident. The plaintiff’s counsel asked the jury to award just under $7 million. Ms. Miserlis asked for $362,000. The carrier had offered $1.8 million in a CCP 998 Offer to Compromise and the jury ultimately returned a verdict of just $355,000. After expert fees and expenses were deducted for beating the defense’s CCP 998 Offer, the plaintiff ultimately owed the defendant expert costs and court fees.
  • Jury Awards $1.05M For Multiple Back Surgery Case in $17.5 Million Admitted Liability Trial: Ms. Miserlis obtained a highly favorable verdict from a Riverside County jury in an admitted liability auto incident trial in which the plaintiff had undergone multiple back surgeries. The plaintiff’s last demand before trial was $17.5 million, and Ms. Miserlis obtained a verdict of just over $1 million.
  • $127,000 Verdict on $3 Million Demand in Admitted Liability Auto Trial: Ms. Miserlis obtained a verdict of $127,000 in a Marin County auto incident trial in which the two plaintiffs, a father and daughter, underwent numerous neck and back surgeries as a result of the collision. Plaintiff’s last settlement demand before trial was $2.95 million. Ms. Miserlis and the Complex Trial Team returned a verdict of $127,000.