Giacalone v. MedicWest Ambulance, Inc. – A Nuclear Verdict in Nevada

In April of 2021, the Eighth Judicial District of Nevada conducted a civil jury trial that ended with an award of $29.5 million dollars in damages to plaintiff. It presents an opportunity to analyze the trial with the principles discussed in Bob Tyson’s book, Nuclear Verdicts™: Defending Justice for All. The case involved a young

Medi-Cal Liens Not Preempted by Federal Medicaid Anti-Lien Statute

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  Could a Medi-Cal lien for recovery of advanced medical expenses be pre-empted by federal law?  This was the issue recently decided by the Second District Court of Appeal in L.Q. v. California Hospital Medical Center.[i]  The case involves the conflict between federal and state law on whether a state’s Medicaid program can legally claim