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  • $667,484,082

    To quantify our case results, we track the amount of indemnity we save our clients throughout the year. In 2021, Tyson & Mendes saved clients $667,484,082!

  • Nuclear Verdicts®

    Tyson & Mendes’ Nuclear Verdicts Resource Center is a hub for legal insights and analysis related to stopping Nuclear Verdicts and taking back justice for all. Check it out here!

  • Best-selling book

    Leading Defense Firm’s Managing Partner Bob Tyson shares invaluable knowledge from experience redefining Nuclear Verdicts® in #1 best-selling book, Nuclear Verdicts: Defending Justice for All.

Veteran trial lawyers, focused on excellence and ready for action, when the stakes are high and the margin of error is low.

We are experienced litigators with a focus on excellence and a long history of successfully trying cases. Our litigation teams have deep expertise in various industries and stand ready to take on the most complex litigation. We are a national defense trial firm, often parachuted in by insurance companies and corporations to try their biggest cases across the United States.

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